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                      Valérie Moerman

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Valérie Moerman

was born in Bilzen, Belgium

and has two children named Tanguy and Amandine.  

Mrs. Moerman first studied Interior Architecture

and is an artist on many levels. 

She is the creator and founder of ARTE and THE ARTE KWIZ, SESAMI, NOALCO three concepts which focus on personal and business development.  


Her main goal in life is to mentor people. Therefor, she created the CENTREMETHOD

in order to regain Balance & Dynamism. Supporting people, whether on a physical or psycho-emotional level, is what's important to her because she believes that everyone can find a way to their inner peace and (re) connect with their Essence,

what she calls the Core-Being.

The CENTREMETHOD with inclusion of S .E .I .:

Spacial Expressive Imaging using matter & motion, word & image, time & space.

Already as a child, she understood the path to resolving conflicts on the playground so well, other children came to her instead of the teacher. Reflecting on those events as an adult,

she realized she could support people on an efficient and loving level. Being completely invested into her unique sense of empathy, she followed numerous  courses. 

Today, she continues to expand her knowledge and so her means to guide people for she believes that not even the sky should be considered as the limit.


For more information on ARTE and ARTE KWIZ, visit www.artekwiz.com


Full list of attended courses: Interior Architecture, Numerology, Chromo-Therapy, Colour Consultancy, Craniosacral Therapy, Metamorphose Massage, Life Coaching, Chair Massage, Trauma Healing, I

Positive Psychology (following), Sexcounselor (following)


She also intends on following: Group Dynamics, Natural Medicins








S  E   S   A   M   I

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